ASTROLABE (a-struh-layb)

ASEAN is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

174 billion USD foreign direct investment in 2021

Higher trade openness compared to other regions

Rapid interconnected expansion of digital economy

ASEAN economies expected to grow at an average annual rate of 6.1% from 2020-2025.

Astrolabe is here to solve all of your challenges, making a soft landing in ASEAN for you as an investor or an entrepreneur.

We also help companies that are already in ASEAN but are encountering unexpected difficulties with their ventures.


Astrolabe has deep expertise in helping the following industries










Astrolabe: Investments and Soft Landings in the Philippines

Operations based in the Philippines

Gateway access to 5 major economies of South East Asia

Investing in ASEAN companies

Wide network of reputable ASEAN-Based companies

Intelligence on companies seeking Series A-C investment

Facilitate meetings and presentation

Assisting investor’s due diligence requirements


Astrolabe has deep expertise in helping the following industries

Legal Entity

A full-service law firm will help you acquire all registration, certifications and licenses needed for legitimate operations.

Accounting and Taxation

Our experts will keep your records clear and your taxes well managed and help you set up your on-site finance team.

Special Economic Zone Locations

If you qualify, we can help you locate in one of the special PEZA locations of the Philippines geared to provide tax incentives for certain types of companies.

Office Setup

Full build-out of your new headquarters.

Manpower Recruitment

Executive recruitment with access to some of the best talent in the region.

Marketing and Public Relations Services

Path to market programs to get your first sale, your first hundred sales, your first thousand etc. And build your inhouse marketing team.


ASTROLABE is Part of Digital Pilipinas

The largest, privately managed innovation ecosystem in South East Asia 

Where leaders from over a dozen Major Industries meet with Technology Innovators and Public Officials from many National Government Departments to discover what is needed, what is possible and how it should be regulated. Digital Pilipinas also engages with governments and innovators from 5 major ASEAN economies as well as European and Middle Eastern innovation economies as well.

Why is this helpful?

You, get to meet the market leaders of various industries so they can consider you for future partnerships that will grow your business.

If you are considering being an investor, we will expose you to startups where you can see them taking leadership for industry challenges. You get to see for yourself which entrepreneurs are making an impact, and who is likely to become the next leader. It is a much a more realistic and tangible experience of an entrepreneur than traditional pitches and due diligence alone.

An Astrolabe lets you navigate when the sky is unclear.

In entering into a new ecosystem or territory, what do you worry about? What fogs get in the way of you reaching your destination? Confusing business registration and compliance rules? Human Resources Management, Recruitment, and other administrative issues? Provision of security and risk assessment? Or simply connecting to someone you can trust. Astrolabe was created to take care of this for you.


Amor Maclang

A known movement maker, Amor Maclang’s is the convenor of Digital Pilipinas, the largest private sector led movement for creating an innovation and a technology ecosystem in the Philippines. She is also the convenor of the World Fintech Festival-Philippines, and the Philippine Fintech Festival. She’s the leading advocate of nascent technology adoption in the country from blockchain, web 3, cryptocurrency, e commerce and fintech advising some of the leading companies, organizations and governments in ASEAN.

Amor is a recognized leader in the tech and innovation space, acclaimed recently in the highly prestigious SFF ASEAN Fintech Leaders Award. She is also the G100 global chair for women leadership.

She is the advisor of the Department of Finance, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Information and Communications Technology and the Department of Health.

She is the Co-Founder and Chief Reputation Architect of GeiserMaclang, the leading company in special situations, risk, issues and crisis, her 22 year old start up that specializes in high-impact, high-risk, high value and highly regulated industries specifically in the technology, renewable energy, public health, tourism, urban planning and the financial services industry.

Dr. Alexander Titov

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management and Organizational Sciences, International digital technologies and innovation advisor (Pan Europe, Central Asia, Russia, Central Africa, ASEAN), Astrolabe co-founder.

A multidisciplinary leader, project manager and scientific expert on oil and gas, sustainability and environmental economics having travelled extensively across Russia (including Siberia).

Advisor of the Hungarian governmental institution, which is responsible for the promotion of export activities. As an expert in international digital stakeholder management, responsible for the establishment and the maintenance of international cooperation in innovations and nascent technologies with the different country outreaches, specialized in AgriTech. Maintains engagement of a wide range of public institutions, economic and trade attachés, international business forums and organizations.

Worked in the hospitality and tourism industry in Greece, renewable energy in Croatia and led academic delegations between the Netherlands and Hungary.

Published researcher (MDPI Sustainability scientific journal in Switzerland

Graduated from the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in 2021.

Jose Antonio “Jan” Aliling

Atty. Jose Antonio “Jan” Aliling is one of the founders of Astrolabe, and the Founding and Managing Partner of the Acubelaw Group of Companies. Jose Antonio Aliling is also an Executive Director and the Chief Legal Officer of the Jose Aliling Construction Management Group, one of the largest All-Filipino Construction Management groups in the Philippines. Atty. Jan has served as legal adviser, director, corporate secretary, compliance officer, and business support consultant to over 100 Corporation’s, including thought leaders in the fields of manufacturing, logistics, transportation, trading, restaurants, construction, information technology and software development, fintechnology, and business outsource processing, among others.


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